DIY Harry Potter ring!

“Come down, Caitie! Don’t hide in your room.”

The truth is, I wasn’t. I was playing with my jewelry wire and pliers.

Hi guys! Today I’m gonna show you how to make this super cute and easy DIY Harry Potter ring.

Here we go!


All you’re going to need is some jewelry wire, a small pair of round pliers, and a small wire cutter.

Ready? Go!

First, cut a piece of wire. I cut mine about four and a half inches, but I’m definitely going to have extra.

Next, make a small loop in your wire. This will be one lens frame on the glasses. Leave a small space and make another loop.

Bring the wire around your finger to get the size.

The final step is to shape a bit of the remaining wire into Harry’s lightning scar and trim it down. Now you’re finished!

Hope you liked it!

– Caitlyn


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