Phone Photography tips

Hi guys!

Today I’ll be sharing some photography tips with you. There pretty simple, so anyone should be able to follow along.

Rule of thirds 

The rule of thirds basically sas don’t put the subject of your photo right in the middle. Instead, put it in the right or left third. Having a grid helps a lot. On Apple devices, go to settings and search camera, then turn on grid. On Android, find the settings button in the camera app and turn grid on.


When you’re taking a picture, you want to have good lighting in your picture, rather than having it be dark and grainy or too bright to see anything. If it’s too dark, flash is always a great option, where it’s allowed, and as long as you use it right. If it’s too bright, try tapping different areas on your screen until you get it right, or just change the camera angle altogether.


Most of the time you’ll want to focus on your subject. Tap on an object to focus. Whether you decide to blur the background or not is up to you.

Caitlyn Ellis

PS yes I did take that picture with my phone


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